Monday, 20 January 2014

Another face in one of my journals

Morning everyone!

Looks like my last week in Perth will be a hot one, with the temperature expected to be 37 degrees plus! (that's about 100 F for any of my readers in the US).  So I will be at the beach in the mornings, and then at my parents place in the airconditioning creating art.

A lot of the art that I have done so far in 4 weeks that I have spent in Perth has been to prepare pages and homework for my art journal classes. I can't show you those pages until after I teach them...I want my students to be surprised! I have also started Lifebook 2014 with the amazing Tamara Laporte, and will post some of my work from that class series separately.

I did however manage to get this particular page done in one of my "normal" art journals.

I hated the background that I had created on this page.  I had done it early in 2013 with dylusions, in colours that I would never normally use - teal, pastel purple and pink.  It sat there in the early part of my handmade journal and mocked me...I had grown to loathe the site of it.  From sheer frustration I attacked it a couple of weeks ago. I rummaged through my mother's paper napkin drawer, found some suitable images and started gluing.

I used a Jane Davenport stencil to get the face outline, and started painting.  Because I was working on a (sealed) base of dylusions, she ended up with a green tinge to her skin from the teal colour in the background (I must say that is the one thing I HATE about dylusions - no matter what I do, I can't stop the colour from seeping through the layers).  As a result she HAD to become a dryad - what other creature has faintly green skin?

The quote was from Mr Tumnus in the movie The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.



Sunday, 19 January 2014

art journal class update

My art journal class participants did this colour journal page in December. It is based on an exercise from Creating Art at the Speed of  Life by Pam Carriker... an excellent Art Journalling resource!

As there is no class in January - school holidays and all that, I set quite a lot of homework!  Here are my completed homework pages.

A Monochromatic Page with a window (the window was optional, but fun!)

 Analagous colours (with a tiny splash of complementary - I can't help myself)

 Complementary colours, blue & orange - my favourite.

I can't wait to see what the class participants have done over their holiday break!


news from the other side of the country

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!

So after a fairly work-traumatic November and December (I resigned and am currently unemployed - groan), I headed to sunny Perth for some R&R with my family.  I have been haunting some of my old stomping grounds - mainly the beach, playing with my "new" nephew (he's 9 months old and adorable) and doing some art.

Here are some pics for you.

Marmion Beach down the road from my parents place... look at that water!

My gorgeous nephew cooling off on a 44 degree day (yes, its been hot over here too).  This pic is going straight into the "saved for 18th birthday" folder... I am a mean aunty!

 A great photo of my friend Crystel who came over to stay for Christmas, and my lovely nephew.

I'll do another post with some art pics shortly...