Monday, 20 January 2014

Another face in one of my journals

Morning everyone!

Looks like my last week in Perth will be a hot one, with the temperature expected to be 37 degrees plus! (that's about 100 F for any of my readers in the US).  So I will be at the beach in the mornings, and then at my parents place in the airconditioning creating art.

A lot of the art that I have done so far in 4 weeks that I have spent in Perth has been to prepare pages and homework for my art journal classes. I can't show you those pages until after I teach them...I want my students to be surprised! I have also started Lifebook 2014 with the amazing Tamara Laporte, and will post some of my work from that class series separately.

I did however manage to get this particular page done in one of my "normal" art journals.

I hated the background that I had created on this page.  I had done it early in 2013 with dylusions, in colours that I would never normally use - teal, pastel purple and pink.  It sat there in the early part of my handmade journal and mocked me...I had grown to loathe the site of it.  From sheer frustration I attacked it a couple of weeks ago. I rummaged through my mother's paper napkin drawer, found some suitable images and started gluing.

I used a Jane Davenport stencil to get the face outline, and started painting.  Because I was working on a (sealed) base of dylusions, she ended up with a green tinge to her skin from the teal colour in the background (I must say that is the one thing I HATE about dylusions - no matter what I do, I can't stop the colour from seeping through the layers).  As a result she HAD to become a dryad - what other creature has faintly green skin?

The quote was from Mr Tumnus in the movie The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.



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