Sunday, 19 January 2014

news from the other side of the country

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!

So after a fairly work-traumatic November and December (I resigned and am currently unemployed - groan), I headed to sunny Perth for some R&R with my family.  I have been haunting some of my old stomping grounds - mainly the beach, playing with my "new" nephew (he's 9 months old and adorable) and doing some art.

Here are some pics for you.

Marmion Beach down the road from my parents place... look at that water!

My gorgeous nephew cooling off on a 44 degree day (yes, its been hot over here too).  This pic is going straight into the "saved for 18th birthday" folder... I am a mean aunty!

 A great photo of my friend Crystel who came over to stay for Christmas, and my lovely nephew.

I'll do another post with some art pics shortly...


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