Saturday, 22 March 2014

Completed pages in my class art journal

Hello lovelies! 

As promised in an earlier post, I am giving you some pics of the pages in my recently completed journal that I am using for the art journal class.  These are all pages that are not a "class" but some may become part of an advanced journal class series.  Who knows???

I have also given you a precie of the main supplies or techniques used on each page, in case you are feeling inspired to have a go yourself.

Credit card technique with page cut outs and separately painted add ons.

Playing with supplies - stamping, doodling and colouring with neocolour , oil pastels and gelatos (and a little flap page just because I can).

Paint complete with drippage and rubbing alcohol, using up rub-ons (my stash of rub-ons is out of control). Paint pen lettering.

Tissue paper background, mixing primary paint colours directly, stencil layering in a background, stamping on transparencies and on tissue paper, lettering with paint pens.

Inspired by Melbourne Street Art (I'll do a post on the Melbourne art walk I went on with some friends a couple of weeks ago - it was awesome).  Pastel ground, Inktense blocks, stenciling, plenty of charcoal pencil & chalk pastels.  Oh yes, and a couple of rub-ons that are all so old that they crumbled away in part.  But remember there are no mistakes in art!!

Trying to use negative space.  I am SO BAD at doing this.  I have a tendency to overwork everything and fill a page to within an inch of its life.  The use of negative space is something that I need to practice, so expect to see a lot more in future posts (once I am actually doing it). This is a scrapbook paper collaged background, outlining through a stencil with pencil then painting the whole of he negative space out with brown paint.  Adding writing in white paint pen to turn the "unstenciled" letters into a quote.

This is a really, really textured page - The central image is a pop-up of the empire state building. I've used grunge paste, rust paint, verdigris paint (both fab supplies from the specialty paint section of the hardware store), paint through stencils and paint pens for lettering and building highlights and dots.

I fell in love with this page before it was actually "finished", so I just stopped.  I used collage, grunge paste, dylusions sprays and paint glazes.  There are lots and lots of layers on this page. I sealed it with Liquitex gloss medium to really give the page depth.

Here is a close-up of the yummy paint effect on this page.  I love where the glazes got trapped in the grunge paste that I had slapped on with a palette knife.

Lucky last is the back inside cover.  This page uses paint, collage, corrugated cardboard, oil pastels, beeswax and paint pens.  The beeswax (encaustic) gives the page a great feel and a really nice yellow tint.

Thanks for stopping by! 'Till next time.



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    1. Thanks Cass! This was a fun journal to do - started slow, but finished with a bang. Unlike a lot of my other journals that seem to take forever to finish.