Thursday, 17 April 2014

TAP, tap, tapping

Hello lovelies,

Well the Lifebook catch-up is continuing, so I thought that I would share my art from week 13 of Lifebook.  

This was a "bonus" week, but I really wanted to give this technique a try, so I am skipping the Main lesson from week 12 and substituting this one instead.  I have done a lot of things similar to our week 12 lesson on my own already, I even blogged about it here and here, so I can come back to this one later on - question is will I get to it sometime before I bind my journal together at the beginning of 2015?

So, this technique uses Transfer Artist Paper or TAP.  You can get TAP all over the place, even Spotlight have it (sometimes, if you're lucky).  Here's a packet:

This is SO EASY to use! I am officially in love with this stuff, and I can see that it will feature more prominently in my toolkit from here on in.

Basically, print out an image onto the smooth side of the TAP sheet with your inkjet printer.  I created an A4 collage sheet of my own in Photoshop so as not to waste any of the transfer paper - you could do the same with any photo program, or even a free program like Picasa. Cut out the image that you want to use, trimming closely to the sides. Place face down where desired on your page.

Using a dry iron (no steam) on a med-high setting iron the back of the transfer paper in a circular motion. (Please note that this is Australian specific. I understand that if you are reading this and are based in the US you need to use the highest possible setting on your iron).  Gently peel up the corner of the paper while hot to see if it is transferred. If not just keep ironing until and testing until you have the transfer working.  Gently peel away and viola, you have a perfectly transferred image!

Paint your background and decorate with paint pens. You can use the TAP paper that you transferred the image from as a mask if you like. 

Here's my TAP, tap tappity journal page:

Why don't you give this transfer technique a go?  It's a really easy, really quick and super fun to do.

'Till next time


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