Monday, 19 May 2014

Art Journaling 101 - The final class

Hello lovelies,

Well the final class in my inaugural Art Journaling 101 series is complete. Its been a rollercoaster ride, and I have learnt so much from my students - thankyou to all who attended, it has been a real pleasure!

In the final class we covered transfers.

Here's the class page:

I used 3 main types of transfer techniques on this spread - packing tape, gel transfer direct to the page and gel-skins. 

If you have never tried playing with transfers, the easiest one to start with is packing tape. (Clear packing tape, not the brown stuff lol).

Here's a great tutorial on the technique:
(Just as an aside, I have never had a problem with inkjet prints, as long as you burnish the packing tape onto the image really well, and don't soak them for 10 minutes - a couple of minutes is fine.)

If you haven't already, give this technique a try - its surprisingly addictive!!

'till next time


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