Sunday, 4 May 2014

Going mad with colour

aka getting my Bautista on!!

Hello lovelies,

This is my work from Lifebook 2014 week 14.  This week was a page from the ever colourful Traci Bautista.  The month of April has been about "letting go" and being "in the moment".  Of all the exercises in that discipline, this was the easiest for me to do.  So saying that I should clarify that "letting go" is not an easy practice for me generally, but is a discipline I should clearly practice.  Lets call it "Art as Meditation".

The process is to start with a resist of some type. I used 2 - my favourite masking fluid  and some Liquitex high gloss medium in a bottle with a super skinny (needle) tip. Draw all over the pages and leave to dry.  Then get out the paint!

I went with fluorescent pink, orange, white and black paint. I sprayed some pink and purple dylusions through stencils, I did a bit of a bit of stamping with archival black, I used found objects to make marks with orange, red, white and black paint - a skewer, credit card, toilet roll. I dripped the paint, and I dragged the skewer through wet paint. I doodled black goldens high flow acrylic paint through a needle tip applicator.

No thinking, just doing, just playing. What a freeing exercise. You should give it a try!

'Till next time