Friday, 23 May 2014

My first ever art video!!

Hello lovelies,

So I have been a little quiet since my rush of posts on the weekend... I've been setting up and doing my first art video in my spare time -  basically Tuesday afternoon and some snatched time Wednesday and Thursday.

I have decided that as I am rerunning Art Journaling 101 in a different shaped journal from last time (Milini don't make that size journal anymore), I will record my lessons as I re-do the pages so that people can do my course even if they are not in Victoria.

As part of the course, I am splitting 101 into 2 courses - 101 and 201.  The new 101 will cover the absolute basics, and will be FREE!! My pages will be a little different for the (new) 201 lessons, as I don't want to copy exactly - but I will be utilising the same techniques.

So, on to setting up - who knew how hard it would be to set up in my craft space to film??  This was my first attempt using my good DSLR camera and a tripod.  

Totally unsuccessful.  The camera just wasn't stable enough on the table. After experimenting with ladders from the shed to try and get the height, I gave up and did a mad dash to Harvey Norman where the very helpful salesman understood my problem, and came up with this:
I don't know if you can see the very high res webcam attached to my light with a bendy gorilla clip mount. It works a treat! 

Don't you love my advanced lighting diffusion technique?  It works though :)

So this is how my art / work studio looks now.  Its a lot messier than I would like - having the large table jutting into the centre of the room, but sh*t happens I suppose.

So, onto the first ever video.  I have embedded it below, but it would also be helpful if you could nip over to vimeo and give it a like.

I know that for many of you it is really obvious stuff, but it has proven to be a real issue when I have been teaching.  I would very much appreciate any feedback - too long, too boring, don't see my face, I speak too quickly, the music sucks, I'm awesome - anything really!!

INKtoxicated Art Journal 101 Page Prep from Liz Aitken on Vimeo.

Thanks for watching!

'till next time


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