Wednesday, 28 May 2014

"SHE IS" Art Journal Page & Video

Hello lovelies,

I've been asked to produce a sample for Marisa from Create on Ormond where my 101 series of art journaling classes starts this weekend. Marisa asked me to use a Donna Downey face stamp,so I thought what better way to showcase her than as a mixed media portrait!

I went with my muse for this month - the flower portraits from the Italian Masterpieces exhibition that I went to and blogged about here.  The stamp I chose is "SHE IS" - which I already had in my stash as I love her!:

So in keeping with my new resolution to provide a little "more" for my followers, I have produced this video of my process.  I have taken on board the helpful comments I received from you about my first video attempt - I faced the camera (who doesn't hate themselves on video?) and sped up the "non-speaking" sections a little more.

I hope that you enjoy, and please provide me with feedback!

"SHE IS" Art Journal page from Liz Aitken on Vimeo.

Supplies I used (in no particular order):
SHE IS stamp Donna Downey
PITT big brush pens - black and purple madder
Staedler Mars Technico pencil
Neocolour II water soluble crayons
Derwent inktense blocks and pencils
Liquitex matte medium, gesso & High gloss Varnish
Prismacolor pencils
Letraset Watercolour markers
Copics (Grey &  Brown)
Generals charcoal pencils
Stabilo all (white)
Pan Pastels
Paint Pens - Montana
Izink pigment Ink (anemone)
Japanese Caligraphy paper (from Daiso)
Distress Ink - picked raspberry
washi tape

'Till next time



  1. another great video you make it look so easy . looking forward to the next one.

  2. great video Elizabeth, keep 'em coming :)

  3. I was there as you were creating this and I think you a doing a great job with creating the videos, great work Liz! I alao think that 'She Is' very impressive

  4. Thanks for the encouragement guys! I'm recording Art Journaling 101 at the moment - some of which will be available for free. I'll try and slip some other art into the recording mix, but I'm still pretty slow at editing - it currently takes me longer to edit the video than to make the art!!

  5. wow gorgeous work Liz, I had issues with vimeo so couldn't watch the video but love the work!

  6. Hi Cass,

    I'm glad you like the page!

    so sorry to hear about your vimeo issues :( - I had to take everything off youtube and move it over to vimeo because youtube kept shoving ads into my videos! grrrr...

  7. I really love you work Liz and I can't believe I have the original in my shop!!! No wonder you have so many supplies to play with the end results are truly inspirational....

    1. Thanks Marisa! The supply thing is a bit chicken and egg - I can't resist buying art supplies, so I need to justify using them, which means there is always something else that I want...