Thursday, 26 June 2014

Blessing of the fleet in Melbourne - Rivercruise!!!

Hot damn, I just gave myself a flashback of my highschool rivercruise in the 1985, sneaking swigs of summer wine (the first ever Australian wine cooler) before jumping on a boat to cruise up and down the river with all my highschool classmates. 

OF COURSE I idolised Madonna - who didn't? She was awesome.

Hello lovelies,

This is a quick post to let you know that the Mission to Seafarers (the owners of the gallery where I teach some of my classes) is running a cruise of Melbourne’s ports.

This one is on Saturday 30 August and coincides with Melbourne Day celebrations and the Melbourne Regatta and Blessing of the Fleet. Part of the cruise will be to participate in the Blessing of the Fleet before cruising around Melbourne’s Ports.

Cost is again $45 a head, departs 11:30am returning 2:30pm. It is BYO lunch, camera and notepad.  More details and a flyer are available here.

Just for your info, I've listed below some of the activities that will be happening in Docklands to celebrate Melbourne Day. 

• Formal Blessing of the Fleet by Father Bob. (awesome local legend that he is...)
• A flotilla of vessels, flares, whistles, pipe bands and a display of water cannons from tugs.
Cruises around Melbourne’s ports to see big ships up close – great photo opportunity.(this is the bit that I am interested in!)
• The schooner Enterprize will perform a re-enactment of the first landing in period costume. Opportunity go aboard for a short cruise.
• The Alma Doepel volunteers showcasing their recently restored traditional naval 4 oared captains gig.
• Story telling about the first landing as well as street entertainment including works of Shakespeare!
• Bands, vans and local venues will bedazzle Docklands.
• Supporting the work of the Mission to Seafarers.

'till next time


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