Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Long weekends & Dina Wakely paint

Hello lovelies!

So we have just had a long weekend here in Australia - it was Queen Lizzie's birthday (no, not me silly - the one in England).

There was not a huge amount of artiness for me, but I managed to get some time on on Saturday when a few of the girls came over.   This is despite the fact that I have SO MUCH to do!  *sigh*

But I did manage to get out my Dina Wakely paints to have a play. I have agreed to demo these paints at the pop-up shop this Saturday, so I thought I should do more than just paint a colour wheel (as useful as that is, its not much fun as a demo)...

So I got out a journal that I have been trying to finish off for a while now.  I turned to the page that was more "clean-up" than "art-up", and started throwing paint around.  Here I have used turquoise, lemon and magenta on the background, and accented with white.

Scribbly writing, doodles and focal imagery in the next layers on the page, with Lime, white and black coloured paint applied really thickly to take advantage of its heavy body nature. 

It still needs "something" on the left side of the spread - probably a word or phrase in bold black to balance out the composition, but that will have to wait for a couple of days... Life is busy right now!!

As an aside, I have 3 people who have registered their interest in doing art journaling 101, but need another 3 to make running the class series viable. If you are interested please either email me or pre-register in my shop.

'Till next time


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