Monday, 23 June 2014

Working it out...

Hello lovelies,

You know when you have those days of incredible self doubt? When you lie awake at 3am, sniffling with a cold and worrying about whether you have a plan that will see you through to the end. Worrying about whether recent and old decisions you have made are the right ones, and whether you are doing the right thing with your life?

Or is that just me? Perhaps my 3am wakeups are amplified...

I don't have a partner in my life to share my middle of the night doubts with.  Most of the time I celebrate my singledom, my freedom to undertake new projects whenever I want, the flexibility I have created in my current working arrangements that give me time to do things like start up an art teaching business. But occasionally in the middle of the night with the wind howling around my little house, I start to worry, and there is no-one next to me to wake up and say "It will be OK, I support your choices".

It is then, when I have that hard lump in my throat caused by worry and fear, that I turn to my art journal for solace. My art journal says to me - "its OK, I can take your fear".

And so it does.
See the doodles and paint starting to hide some of my 3am stress?  Its not a finished page by any means, but I feel better for the offloading - even if I am tired today.

'till next time



  1. HI Liz,

    Why on earth would you have doubts about anything. You are artistic, funny, smart and have good taste in friends!

  2. Thankyou for your kind words anonymous (although I could take a guess as to your identity!). Its one of those things - when the heebie-jeebies hit you at 3am there's no rationalising them away, the only solution is to splurk (vomit?) them onto a page and purge them from your system.