Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Let’s do this, forty-five.

Hello lovelies,

So it has been both a frantic and totally relaxed couple of weeks since my last post. I turned 45 and to celebrate / commiserate / ignore / forget I spent 5 days near the beach & wineries - drinking & enjoying with friends! 

I managed to get a little bit of art done while I was away - including road testing some new (to me) products and I will blog about that in my next post.

Here are some pics from my retreat for you...

Where we stayed:

 At at the beach:
Nicely, one of my friends rang to tell me that now I am 45, I hold a licence to wear comfortable shoes ALL the time, with no recriminations. Apparently its a secret until your 45th birthday :)

'till next time


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