Friday, 10 October 2014

Art Journal Pages - The 201 progression continues to Collage week

Hello lovelies!

Well its time for some more art journal progression. It's Class 4 - Collage!!

I love to collage - it's a go to thing for me if I have an artistic block.  I love to leaf through magazines and cut stuff out for later. Just immersing myself in colour helps to set my muse free. Here's the class page from the first iteration of Art Journaling 201:
and here's the second.  It's very similar, but I think that the finish is better. I've used more transparent gesso as layers on the way through, and have had more practice with the vagaries of magazine pages and matte medium (less wrinkles).

This was the original homework page from this lesson:
 And this is the "new" homework page:

I decided to go mad with colour this time, but did take some inspiration from this painting by Gustav Klimt "tree of life".  Klimt is the perfect muse if you are interested in playing with collage!

'till next time


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