Friday, 24 October 2014


Hello lovelies,

Things around here are crazy, cray-cray, mad! It's 3 days until the moving company arrive to pack my house... and I am still frantically trying to get things done.

So you may remember the photo of my art studio whilst I was in the throes of filming my last art journaling 201 classes:
This is what it looks like now:

and here are its contents...
The trolley contains class materials for my final 201 class in Geelong tomorrow.  There are still about 100 pots of paint that must have their lids individually taped and then bagged and sealed into plastic containers... but that's a job for Sunday.

What is scarey is the small amount of art supplies I will have available to use whilst I am searching for a home in Perth.  I am limited to this:
I will have to be extra creative with my very limited supplies - and I could be homeless for a month.... so possibly not much to see here during November.

Here is the state of my main living room - note the TV cabinet being used as a dumping ground for items that have come out of cupboards and are yet to be packed...
But I certainly have the cleanest (and barest) pantry in the Southern Hemisphere!
'till next time.

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