Thursday, 1 January 2015

Emergence & Happy New Year!

Hello lovelies,

Well, first thing's first - HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

I must say that it is great to be looking forward to a new year settled in a new job and in a great little house.

As you have probably guessed, the last 2 months have been hectic to say the least - leaving Melbourne, travelling across the country, finding a house (and getting the internet turned on - blo*dy hell that was a traumatic experience), starting a new job then hosting family Christmas at my house.  Needless to say I collapsed in a heap on Boxing Day!

But the important thing is that I am finally settled in Western Australia, and have today started thinking about my art & doodling, and missing you all like crazy.

From a cursory look, there is not much in Perth in the way of mixed media (or even scrapbooking) shops and suppliers, so my online art life - and online art shopping - will have to become more active than ever.

As I am yet to produce any art in my new house, I thought that I would give you a virtual tour instead.  Most importantly I'll give you a peek at my new art room - that was the worst part of the unpacking, I am an art supplies hoarder!

So here we go:

I'm living in a suburb called Inglewood.  It's about 8 km's from the CBD so it's only a 20 minute bus trip to the office every morning.  The house is typical for the area - built around 1910, red brick with the all-important verandah to cool any breezes coming in the house.  Like many houses it has been extended at the back and the block subdivided - but there is enough garden to keep me happy.
This is a shot from the front door down the hall.  Behind me is the master bedroom, the door you can see to the right is the guest bedroom (very important when my interstate friends want to come and visit).  To the left is my art room, and the room you can see at the end is the original dining room, that I have converted into a large study & work area... working from home a day a week is an option for me. 

Here's the study - there is a huge fireplace to the right of the picture, stuffed with bits of art.
This is the extension at the back - a large living area, with the kitchen to the right.
Back up toward the front of the house, here's the art room.
It's a really large room, which it needs to be!!  The day bed ended up in here because there was just nowhere else for it to go, so as a result I have put my permanent working table under the porthole window (you can see that at the end of the verandah in the first pic).
Here's the other side of the room... whilst I love the mantelpiece, it is really large and sticks out a mile (they all do in this house - there are 3 of them), so my big grey metal cabinet and a bookshelf are against the wall to the right of the picture.
The fireplace isn't working, so it has become a place for box storage.  In fact the challenge with this house has been a total lack of cupboards - apparently cupboards or wardrobes were optional in 1910... I am now the queen of the flatpack: I've built a shed, 3 wardrobes, a linen cupboard and 3 sets of shelves in the last 6 weeks.  I'm refusing to get out my cordless drill for at least the next 6 months! 

So now I'm off to a movie with my parents (keeping them happy), and then I am going to pull out my art stuff and fondle it - even if I am just gessoing pages it will help to start my creative juices flowing a little. 

Here's to an arty and creative 2015 - its going to be a good one!!

'till next time



  1. Welcome (back) to WA Liz. :-)
    Look forward to a catch up some time soon.
    Gina (Art is You fellow workshopper).
    Message me on FB anytime.
    My NY resolution is to meet more ARTY women and have playdates!!!

    1. Thanks Gina, I will do that today!! I look forward to catching up :)

  2. Happy new year Liz! Lovely to here from you! Stay in touch looking, forward to seeing some art work. Jo xo (Create on Ormond class, Geelong)

    1. Thanks Jo, I'm on the artwork case today!

  3. Hi Liz, happy new year to you too. Looks like you are all settled in, cute house too.
    keep in touch
    Kaye xx

    1. Thanks Kaye, yes it is a bit cute - lovely polished floorboards too. I will post again soon. I hope that Ari and the kids are all well.

  4. New beginnings are always exciting! Good to see you've made a start on the unpacking and setting up. Missing you in Melbourne! When are you coming back for a visit?

    1. Hi lovie, I miss you too... Joan has kept me appraised of what is happening with all the arty ladeez while I have been so busy. I am thinking about coming over first week of March. There's a WA public holiday on the first Monday, so I will try and use that to my advantage - particularly important when I have 9/10ths of bugger-all annual leave.