Sunday, 20 October 2013

waiting, waiting

I am waiting for my class art journal to be returned following the Sandown show,  so I don't have sneak peeks for the Art Journaling class to show you yet. But as it turns out, the class is already full!!  How awesome is that? Just over a week of advertising and we are now taking names for the waiting list.

I am SO humbled!

I am also really excited to be getting back into art teaching.

In honour of this momentous occasion I have done a new art journal page this weekend - in one of my other art journals...

I currently have 5 art journals on the go - a scrap journal that is being used for cleanups (that will become a collage journal in time), 2 handmade journals- one of which is my wild mermaid circus journal (you should have a look at that class on Jane Davenport's site if you are not already familiar), my Strathmore hardbound journal and my new Milini class journal.

I did this page in the second of my hand made art journals. This journal includes a few different types of paper, as I wanted to experiment with products on different types of scrapbooking paper, watercolour paper even transparencies! This page is on sticky back canvas, untreated, mounted on transparencies, with transparencies layered over the apple-heart.

I did the apple-heart using chalk pastels, oil pastels, charcoal and acrylic paint.  The teal background was done using a combination of Fresco Paints.

I think that it still needs words, but I want to sleep on it, as I can't quite find the right key word to describe how I feel.  Is there a word for thankful-excited-nervous-thrilled-trepidation?



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