Tuesday, 7 October 2014

change baby

Hello lovelies!

Well, change it is a coming.... I'm on the move.

After 12 years living in Melbourne, and almost 20 years living on the East Coast I'm heading back to Perth to live. I've been offered a job that I really can't refuse with one of the electricity companies there.

So, I am frantically organising a move of 2720 km  - that's about 1700 miles in the old money.  To give you some perspective, its the equivalent of moving from New York to Texas (literally and figuratively!), or from London to just past Istanbul.  Here's a map, even google thinks it would be a long drive (hence I am flying).
My house here in Melbourne is now on the rental market, and hopefully I will have a tenant before the end of October.

But of course, renting my house out means rental inspections... so my studio has had to go from this:
to this:

Do you know how hard it is for me to keep my studio area neat and tidy and to produce things sans my extra working desk.  

I'll keep you all updated on progress, as well as posting some art that I have been able to do on my tiny desk...

'till next time



  1. oh wow Liz, certainly is a big change xxx

    1. I must say that trying to keep my house this neat all the time is stifling my creativity. Clearly art and housework do not mix, and cannot be recommended!